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Understanding the Nature and Processes of Web Design Companies

Saturday, September 8th, 2018

Among business and marketing tools, the internet could be ranked on top for the immediacy with which it generates leads. Some countries have enjoyed the growth of the software industry and used the same effectively for economic development. The major cities of these countries turned into software hubs. With billions of websites on the internet, website design and development forms a significant part of the software industry with new disciplines as Search Engine Optimization.

Most of the prominent web design and development companies offer both the services combined with Search Engine Optimization. This combination is not only profitable to the service provider but is also highly beneficial to the client. Most of those freelancers, who offer only one service i.e. development alone, charge a very nominal price. Professional companies accuse freelancers of bringing down the price quite drastically. Sometimes, clients who approach companies also ask for very cheap work to be done. Hence, most professional service providers have upped the ante by adopting new methods.

It is nevertheless beneficial to entrust the job to professionals. Another problem in regard to finding web development companies is the problem of having too many to select from. A lot of them have mushroomed in this city in the past few years. There are literally thousands of them vying for your project. As always, it is only a few that stand out due to their ability to deliver on time and at the right cost. You must definitely work out the cost and find which one offers the best service and delivers on time at what cost.

Unless you are looking for low cost service, the first thing to do is to check out if the service provider has a website for himself or his company. Since you are going to have your website developed by them, it would be important to see how they have made their own. It is also equally benefiting to check out their service portfolio. Whether or not you like it will give you an idea of if their services will suit you.

Even if you like their work, do not decide merely by what you have seen. It is important to have your project coordinator or any other representative talk to the developers over phone or online messenger services. By doing this, you can convey what you want quite accurately. Choosing one out of a few that would be suitable for your business would also benefit.

They are always on the lookout for new projects. Hence, they are sure to contact you as soon as possible, if you leave an enquiry on their webpage. Striking a good rapport and communicating your needs perfectly will lead to quality output. Understanding the nature, ways and methods of working of web design and development companies will guarantee a great output that fulfills and satisfies all that you need.

Increasing Revenue Because Your Web Efforts Yell, “LOOK AT ME” Via Technology

Saturday, September 8th, 2018

You have a business; not any business, it’s your business. Like most businesses you are faced with increasing burdens of taxes, competition, employee concerns, cost of money and many other issues. You want an advantage. You have thought about beefing up your web presence but are not familiar with the many different avenues on how to approach the need with a sensible solution. Better yet you do not want to not learn how the technology works, your busy, you want to know what it will do for your customers and ultimately your bottom line. Finally, you want to create an affordable and sustainable effort that allows a web based technological platform to create the needed value for your current and potential customers. This article provides a simple overview on how to understand that process.

The first subject on this short journey is the most critical. When you pursue a partner in web development there is a list of criteria that should be met. The first item and most important is an understanding what your customer value needs are. The conversation between the client and the web development company needs to be crystal clear on the requirement needs of the end user or customer. Most significant is the need for the company to clearly identify with what creates real value with their current and potential customers. There is a great deal of ways to broaden this awareness, traditional methods such as “SWOT analysis” or more complex approaches such as “voice of customer” all work but they need to be accomplished before you can address web platform needs. The next two areas are of equal importance; 1) Creative and 2) technological prowess. If your web development company is very creative but cannot write great code then they cannot create a final winning solution. Likewise if you sign with a company that understands and writes the most logical front end and back end code for your web applications but does not present that code in a creative and appealing manner; all is for not.

A few things that round out the requirements. Make sure that the company is accountable to you, you’re the boss and both parties need to understand that. This includes respecting timelines, responding to questions and keeping you in the loop on the entire development process. Find a partner that offers an affordable solution. There are many web development companies, make sure that you partner with one that offers a reasonable cost to the value that you are receiving. It is a world market and the cost of value required should be explored. Many companies have paid 3-6 times more than what the real value of similar web based solutions. Get several quotes on upcoming projects. Ask the required questions to ensure that you are receiving like value from each web solution company, find the affordable solution. Make sure that your web development partner offers an ongoing solution for your web based needs. Demand that the final agreement includes 1 year of maintenance/warranty issues. Have a clear understanding of what the performance will be for issues that take place in the future with the site by getting a commitment that they will stand by their work. Ensure that the company has a solid historical representation by contacting their prior clients.

Make sure that your web development company understands the depth of technological offerings. There are many ways to skin a cat these days, but web developers get caught in what they know not what is available. Often you will find web development companies sell you on solutions that they are familiar with instead of what is the best solution for your customers. Make sure that they are well versed in the latest web technology. At minimum web development companies need to be well versed in both front end and back end applications. Here are a few to be familiar with and how they can provide value to your customers

1. HTML 5.0

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language and has been the code that your web browser reads in order to create visual and audible web pages. What is important about HTML 5.00 is that it is the current development of the HTML language that will allow a further integration of standard HTML coding toward a rich media environment. The key to the latest version is that it creates additional flexibility to produce a media rich environment for your customers without the addition of API’s. They do not fully expect HTML 5.0 to be completed until around 2014 but if your web development company is not paying attention to how the current development of HTML will add to a more dynamic media environment now and in the future, look for a company that offer new age solutions.

2. Flash

Adobe offers an amazing range of products to enhance the web experience. One that needs individual mention is Flash. There is an attempt to promote HTML 5.0 over Flash content but there are many things that only Flash can accomplish. Flash is critical to media rich environments and will be hard pressed to be surpassed in areas like games, desk-top widgets or any other application that requires advanced animation and techniques. Flash has been criticized in the past for overall CPU usage but the latest version of FLASH has reduced the need, in addition programmers of Flash need to be attentive to the CPU requirements of the venue the application will be ran on. As our customers progress from the Desk top to the smart phone, overall understanding of CPU usage is critical to overall customer experience. Finally, it is not uncommon for development companies to embrace HTML 5.0 and not FLASH or vice versa. To provide the richest and most fulfilling media environment for your customers choose a web development company that is versed and willing to write code in both.

3. CSS

Cascading Style Sheets is the language that allows the look and formatting of HTML. The separation from document content (HTML markup) and the styling of the markup allows for a great deal of flexibility on how the content is presented. Style sheets are responsible for the look and several style sheets can be created to allow more flexibility in how your web content is presented in different browser venues (i.e. Mobile phones, print, screen reader, etc. ) Recently we reviewed a large corporate web effort that was done primarily in old table html format. We estimated that the overall effort could have been done in 1/6 of the time using CSS style sheets, in addition the lack of flexibility in all the venues the application was viewed. Bottom line is the Web Development Company needs to be well versed in CSS.

4. JavaScript

They say that HTML is the structure, CSS provides the style and JavaScript creates interactive encounter that allows web pages to be more of a fulfilling experience. A few items that JavaScript applications address; validating form input, changing images, background effects, calendars, calculators, links & Buttons. The list goes on and on. You can have great content with appealing style, but also ensure that your customers experience client-side technology like JavaScript. You will find that the same page without JavaScript is a different page from a web experience comparison. Create the most interaction with your customers by utilizing good JavaScript code.


Web sites today not only need to be media rich, they need to be dynamic to address the spontaneous needs of the users. PHP and MySQL, or ASP is server-side technology which will allow the web page to provide a liver user experience. Text, Images, Video can all changed in response to different contexts and conditions. It is important to have an understanding of the needs of your customers so dynamic pages can be created to produce content that is specific to the overall value need of the end user. In addition make sure that your web development company has a program to enhance the Search engine optimization of your dynamic pages. Historically the dynamic production of the content of these pages has been less visible. Solid SEO programs in place will combat this and allow your pages to index with the major search engines faster than your competitors.

6. Web Video & Images

Going forward it will become more about the best overall media experience on web platforms. Now is the time to outpace your market opposition by offering better video, images and content above your competitors. Web Video once uploaded to your site and social marketing avenues gets reprocessed from site to site. This creates an enormous amount of exposure for your company. If the video is done well or has an attraction with segments of viewers it could go viral. In addition as consumers become more sophisticated with how to search on the internet the “long tail” of keyword search will allow video tags and image tags to be found by a more intended market segment. Bottom line is this, get rolling on video productions for your business. It does not matter if it is product introduction or company information put it on your website and introduce it to YouTube and like social media sites. Decent video production for the web is affordable and your efforts will pay off.

7. SEO

They say, “If you build it they will come”. In the world of the internet they say, “If you build it with an excellent Search Engine Optimization program they will come.” Bottom line is build it, but do not build it without a solid Search Engine Optimization program in place. Any good Web development company will have people in house that can develop a solid program for you. If they are crafting a web solutions from scratch demand that a program be involved in the package. Any web investment needs to be complimented with a solid plan to bring future customers to your site. There are several avenues to accomplish this. If you research search engine optimization on the web you will be able to review several good and bad approaches. Most important is the need to for a program, ensure that your program comes with actionable and verifiable benchmarks so you know that the search engine program is working. There are several ways to track gain in the optimization area, hold your web developer accountable to specific criteria.

The reality is that consumers and the internet are completely entangled. As progressive generations grow the reliance on web searches and on line shopping will continue to displace more traditional methods of” business to consumer” or “business to business models.” Most realize the inevitability of that statement, many others will in the future. Embrace all of the technology now; get ahead of your competitors. As a business owner you can hire the most talented web development firm available, but, in order to be at the top of your contribution toward internet marketing. You also have a learning curve to address. The longer you are engaged in the web technology process the more you can contribute and compete. If you are thinking about a web presence get started, if you already have one look at make improvements. Tomorrow could be too late.

Web Development for a Funny Website

Thursday, September 6th, 2018

One of the types of websites, which could turn out to be very profitable, would be those related to different kinds of humor. However, when you create one, it is important that you do the right things so that it would turn out be successful. Here are several things you could do.

Make sure that your content is completely fresh and funny. Think of things to put in your website that users would find entertaining so that they feel that they should check back for any new stuff. And on top of your content being regularly updated, make sure that everything you put on your website is unique, so that it would be of the highest quality.

Design your website in a way that your users would be able to interact with. Trough involving your users, your website would be more interesting, making users feel that they have to come back for more.

Use cost-effective embedded content. Since the whole process of embedding videos became a lot easier and simpler, it would be a breeze for you to boost your sales and cut down on costs at the same time.

Trade your traffic. Since there are a lot of humor websites online, a lot of them do traffic trading. This allows you to trade quantities of traffic as well as links. Though it could require some time, it is best to establish traffic trades by directly contacting other humor website owners. That way, you could easily create social networks with the other webmasters.